Metal Roofing Systems

Storm Guard Roofing has helped countless families, businesses, and contractors across Florida, add beauty, strength, longevity, and value with premium metal roofing systems.


Metal Roofing Installation

Many homeowners are attracted to metal roofing for their homes because of the many benefits. When compared to shingle roofing, metal provides superior durability and is more eco-friendly. Plus, you can find a wide variety of styles and colors of metal roofs for your home.

To ensure that you get a quality metal roof, hiring a certified installer with metal roofing installation is essential. Fortunately, Storm Guard Roofing has years of experience in metal roofing installation!

One of the top benefits of a metal roof is its ability to withstand time and wear. On average, a metal roof can last 50 years if not longer, compared to shingle roofs which last 20-30 years. This is thanks to its strength to withstand water, sun, wind, hail, and even fire. Because of their durability, metal roofs require less maintenance than a shingle roof as well.

Considering A New Metal Roof?

Installing a metal roof on your home is a wise investment. A metal roof not only provides a long service life, but also adds curb appeal and benefits like durability, weather-resistance and reduced utility expense.

Another benefit to metal is its naturally reflective properties. Dark colored shingle roofs tend to absorb heat from the sun, which can make your home hotter as well. Metal roofs reflect the sun, helping to reduce your home’s cooling load and energy use. They are also recyclable and made from recycled metal, giving them an eco-friendly appeal.

Want the durability of a metal roof but prefer the look of a traditional shingle roof? Metal roofs come in many more styles than the traditional silver standing seam. You can find bright red or green metal roofs, as well as metal shingle roofs. Give us a call to learn about the different styles we provide.